SMS Marketing Company Regina

In the rapidly growing IT industry, every company seeks the help of various quick and effective ways to get in touch with the customers. Among the most effective marketing channels, the SMS marketing has grabbed a good portion of the market, for promoting the products and services. SMS marketing company in Regina has its own way of strategies. As the number of mobile users are increasing day by day. Then also to reach the mass SMS marketing has been carried out.

Companies are still using SMS Marketing for the promotion of products or services. As a best bulk SMS marketing company in Regina even we are providing this kind of services to our clients.

This media is of two types namely transactional and promotional. Both have got an unbelievable feature. They are of great use. Transactional SMS is used for the purpose of communicating about something that is not promotional in nature. For example,OTP alerts. Whereas promotional SMS itself defines as per its name. With the rise in technology, there has been an increase in the features of it.

Bulk SMS services that we offer include:

  • Promotion SMS.
  • Transactional SMS.
  • Short code SMS.
  • Voice SMS.
  • WhatsApp SMS.
  • SMS Reseller.

Being a top SMS marketing company in Regina, with an experienced team of creative professionals, we work to promote your business on various grounds. We offer you not only in Regina, but also in an effective series of promotional SMS for connectivity in about 60 other countries with a targeted range of SMS and are reliant on connectivity and still more with around 250 networks.

Some of the special features offered by our SMS marketing services in Regina include:

  • SMS delivery at almost all nearby numbers
  • Real and timely delivery reports
  • Integration of SMS alerts with your website and portals
  • Handing over to sender id operator
  • 24 hours support to your business
  • Direct integration
  • Email Alerts
  • Live Support
  • Web hook
  • Unlimited sub keywords
  • Text for speech features
  • Voice campaign schedule
  • Upload Mobile Number File
  • Availability of voice SMS across India
  • 24 hours technical support and more

When it comes it SMS marketing company in Regina, DMS rules the local market. We have a wide creative team working on various levels to provide you Bulk SMS marketing facilities on various grounds like consumer products and services, educational grounds, small companies, fiscal products and services, traveling, hotels and restaurants, internet marketing, and much more, that gives you a complete exploration to the related grounds for your services and products.